The academic advising experience at the Sam Nunn School of International Affairs is hands-on and personal. It is a relationship in which both the advisor and student contribute. The goal is to provide a supportive and challenging environment in which students can explore academic and career options, discuss concerns, and creatively construct an undergraduate or graduate experience that helps achieve personal, academic, and career goals. View the Nunn School Handbook for general policies and procedures.

There are expectations of advisors and students during academic advising. Students can expect respect and individual attention. In turn, students are expected to keep appointments, follow-up on resources suggested, and arrive to advising meetings prepared. It is also expected that students should arrange at least one advising appointment per year to confirm that all academic requirements are being met. The Nunn School Advising Syllabus offers a guide for engaging with Academic Services. Together, students can work with advisors to maximize their experience here at Georgia Tech and the Sam Nunn School of International Affairs.