Change of Major Policy – Summer 2017

Beginning in Summer 2017

Admitted freshmen will not be allowed to submit a request for a change of major until after the deadline for withdrawal from classes with a W grade in the first term of their enrollment. The change would be effective for the second term of enrollment. This includes a change of major within the student’s current College. For freshmen admitted for Summer, the restriction is lifted after the withdraw deadline of their second semester of enrollment. All other restrictions also apply.

Freshman applicants and admitted students may not change their major. However, after the withdrawal deadline of their first fall semester, changing majors is permitted. Students would then begin classes for their new major in the spring.

Admitted students may pursue a formal change of major after their first semester, however, requesting a major change requires the approval of all academic colleges and departments involved, and is not guaranteed, especially for high demand majors.

See the Registrar’s website for more information at:

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