End-of-Semester Academic Schedule and Policies

“Beginning in Spring 2016, Georgia Tech implemented new end-of-semester policies governing the schedule for the last days of the semester, reading periods, and final exams. For faculty and students who might be experiencing the new schedule for the first time, all policies may be found in the online catalog.

As the end of the semester approaches, faculty are encouraged to exercise care in observance of the new schedule:

  • Monday, December 5 and Tuesday, December 6:  Final Instructional Days
  • Wednesday, December 7 (all) and Thursday, December 8 (until 2:20 pm): First Reading Period
  • Thursday, December 8 (2:50 pm):  Exams begin
  • Tuesday, December 13 (until 2:20 pm):  Second Reading Period
  • Thursday, December 15:  Last regular day of exams
  • Friday, December 16 (8:00 am – 2:20 pm):  Rescheduled exams (due to conflicts)


Only homework assignments, lab reports, course projects, demos, studio reviews, and presentations listed on a course syllabus at the beginning of the semester may be made due on the two Final Instructional Class Days.  No quizzes or tests may be held on those days and those that have been given previously should be returned with grades on or before Tuesday, December 6, the last day of classes.

No required class meetings, quizzes, tests, or any other assessments may be held during the Reading Periods.  These times are preserved for student preparation for exams.  Any materials from voluntary review sessions or similar activities held on these days must be made available on the same day to students who cannot attend.

Faculty may also NOT schedule anything other than a final exam (or an assignment substituting for it) during Exam Period.  Take home exams should be made due at the end of a course’s scheduled exam period.

For more information on these policies, please see:  http://www.catalog.gatech.edu/rules/12/.”

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