Leave of Absence policy

Students may be directed to apply for a Leave of Absence (LOA) if they will be away for two consecutive semesters or longer.  If a student is enrolled in at least one credit hour, or in a C2D2 registered internship or CO-OP, it will count as a term of attendance.  Please keep the following in mind when discussing with students:

  • LOAs should be recommended for situations outside of a student’s control. Common examples include mandatory military service and physical or mental health concerns.
  • LOAs should not be recommended for students pursuing a job or internship opportunity which is not registered through C2D2.

Any GT student is permitted to be un-enrolled for one semester without taking any further action.  A LOA is not necessary if the absence will be one semester only.  Summer does count!  For example, if a student did not enroll in Summer 2020, and is on the fence about not enrolling for Fall 2020 due to COVID, Fall 2020 will count as their second term away.  If the student does not have an approved Leave of Absence on file, they will be required to apply for Readmission to return for any subsequent term. Students may be away on a Leave of Absence for a maximum of seven consecutive semesters while studying at GT.  If their absence exceeds seven semesters, the student must apply for Readmission.

The deadline for students to apply for a leave of absence for Fall 2020 is August 3.

For more information and complete the application to request a Leave of Absence, visit https://registrar.gatech.edu/info/leave-absence-application-request_ds.

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