Math Requirements – Effective Summer 2015

mathEffective with the 2015-2016 Georgia Tech Catalog, the Math Requirements may be fulfilled with the following course sequences:

Math Sequence Options for INTA and IAML majors:

Non-Calculus Sequence: MATH 1712 (4) and MATH 1711 (4) = (8)

Calculus Sequence: MATH 1551 (2) and MATH 1552 (4) and MATH 1553 (2) = (8)

Mixed Sequence: MATH 1551 (2) and MATH 1712 (4) and MATH 1553 (2) = (8)

Catalog Course Descriptions can be found at: or by clicking the links below:

MATH 1712: Survey of Calculus
MATH 1711: Finite Mathematics
MATH 1551: Differential Calculus
MATH 1552: Integral Calculus
MATH 1553: Linear Algebra

It is strongly recommended that students accept credit and placement for their AP courses. Note that students are required to take their first math class (MATH 1712 or MATH 1551) within the first 30 hours of enrollment at Georgia Tech. See more at:

Please see Stephanie Jackson if you have any questions about the sequence.

Full explanations of the math courses, equivalencies and timelines can be found at:


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