Note from the Nunn School Chair – Spring 2021


Dear Nunn School Students,

Happy New Year!!

Needless to say, the past several weeks have been very volatile, confusing, and emotionally draining– not necessarily conducive to our restorative needs after the especially hectic Fall semester. That said, I hope that this note finds you safe, healthy, and eager to resume your academic pursuits.  At this point, there still remains considerable uncertainty and anxiety surrounding the Spring ’21 semester.  Rest assured, however, that the faculty and staff at the Nunn School have been working hard over the past weeks to ensure that you will have a safe, flexible, accessible, and substantive learning experience.

The instructional mode for Spring 2021 courses is currently posted on OSCAR.  As directed by the Institute, almost all of our courses are listed as “hybrid” or “remote,” offered in synchronous or asynchronous mode or a mix thereof. The “hybrid” mode allows for “some” on campus learning experience, as specified by the instructor and in light of prevailing conditions.  As per Institute guidelines, masks will be mandatory for all in-person classes/activities, all of the time, and irrespective of social distancing.

As in the Fall and due to wide ranging concerns and other reasons that will make it difficult for students to physically come to campus throughout the semester– including the possibility for mid-semester change in circumstances—the Nunn School faculty are designing respective courses so that they can switch readily between hybrid (or residential) and remote.  Accordingly, courses will be structured for flexibility, with all course content available to students in person and online throughout the semester. Consequently, there will be provisions made for students to participate remotely in all courses, including those in hybrid and residential mode, from the onset of the semester—with specific requirements and expectations conveyed by each instructor. Moreover, each instructor will define the specific dimensions and provisions for participation and delivery of course content, and is committed to maintaining timely, clear, and ongoing communication leading up to and throughout the semester.  So, please stay tuned for announcements posted in CANVAS upon registration.

Needless to say, this will be another dynamic and challenging semester.  But as students, staff, and faculty demonstrated throughout Fall– we not only will persevere but will thrive!  We stand to have engaging and productive experiences in our courses and other extra-curricular activities.  The Institute hopes to get as many students to benefit from even limited in-person experience as safely possible, while recognizing the different and changing circumstances facing students, faculty, and staff alike. Accordingly, please stay alert to the various notices coming out from GT regarding COVID testing and community health, as well as academic restart issues.  At the Nunn School, we will be as understanding as possible in order to accommodate your concerns. As such, there will be an element of “learning by doing,” so we again ask
for your patience, understanding and flexibility as we navigate these dynamic shoals.

In any case, the Nunn School family is looking forward to getting back to business– whatever the “new normal” is for Spring ’21– and hopes that you can enjoy a safe respite before the onset of the semester.

Take care, stay healthy, and see you soon!!

Adam N. Stulberg
Sam Nunn Professor & Chair
Sam Nunn School of International Affairs


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