Readmission to the Nunn School

Readmissions after leave of absence (not due to academic drop/dismissal)
Students who have been away from Georgia Tech for two or more semesters and are in good standing, probation, or warning status may apply for readmission through the Registrar’s office.

Readmissions after first drop/dismissal from Georgia Tech
The Nunn School has a selective readmission process for students that have been academically dismissed.  Students must sit out two terms after academic drop.  See the scenarios below for examples:

If you have been academically dismissed and wish to be readmitted to the Nunn School as an INTA or IAML major, please contact the INTA Advisor to obtain the Nunn School Readmission Packet and begin the process.  Students wishing to return as EIA majors should contact the School of Economics.  In addition to the Institute requirements, students will be required to complete an assessment and interview with the INTA advisor.  Note that the Nunn School deadlines for readmission are in advance of the Institute deadlines, so students must plan accordingly.  Late inquiries or submissions will not be accepted.

Nunn School Fall Readmission
April 30

Nunn School Spring Readmission
September 15

The Nunn School does not consider readmission for Summer terms.

Readmissions after second drop/dismissal from Georgia Tech
According to the General Catalog for the Georgia Institute of Technology, “a student who is dropped a second time for unsatisfactory scholarship will not be readmitted.”  The Nunn School adheres to Georgia Tech policy regarding readmission after second drop/dismissal and will not consider readmission applications from students who were dropped/dismissed twice from Georgia Tech.

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