Reboot Academic Renewal Program

Dates: March 28th-April 18th

Do you know a student who can benefit from strengthening his or her academic skills and goals? REBOOT is an opportunity for students to evaluate their educational practice by working with an academic coach trained to help students identify and remove barriers to their academic success.

This month long workshop series is designed to focus on what students are doing right instead of wrong and using that reflection of strengths and abilities to identify opportunities for academic improvement and personal development.

      REBOOT Highlights: 

  • Re-examine/revisit individual core strengths and abilities that made a Georgia Tech admittance possible
  • Complete a strength-based assessment that connects students to their collegiate and professional goals
  • Identify opportunities for improvement through evidence-based study strategies.
  • Mindfulness—embracing academic challenges as an opportunity to learn and conquer a negative, fixed mindset

Students can register for this academic empowerment workshop series using the following link:

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