Registration Info for Summer/Fall 2022 | Phase I

Dear Student,

If you have a registration question, please thoroughly read all of the info below. If your question is not answered below, I will respond as soon as possible. Please note that I will only be addressing registration issues and will be available again for long-term academic planning and career/internship advice, as well as incoming major changes, beginning April 20.

If you’d like to make a virtual or in-person appointment, my availability is listed on the Advising Portal at I have Drop-In Advising hours via BlueJeans or in-person from 10am – 12noon on the following Wednesdays during Registration: March 30; April 6, 13, 27; May 18.

Changing out of INTA or IAML: you must first meet with the new department/school to obtain their signature and then email the completed and signed form to Stephanie Jackson.

Changing into INTA or IAML: appointments will be available and forms will be signed beginning April 15. Learn more about our curriculum and resources at

1. COURSE RESTRICTIONS: The following fall courses are restricted to INTA/IAML/EIA majors only: INTA 1110, 2040, 3110, 4500, and 4740 are major-restricted for the term. Non-majors will not be allowed to enroll. No exceptions are made to this policy. INTA 2010, 3203, and 3301 are major restricted until April 22. All other INTA courses are open to all majors. There are no restrictions on INTA courses taught in Atlanta in the summer.  Check OSCAR for full information on any pre-requisites and restrictions in other subjects.
2. INDEPENDENT STUDY COURSES: If you plan to conduct an independent study project with an INTA faculty member (called a Special Problems/Directed Study Course), your completed special problems application should be submitted for Summer 2022 by May 18 at 2pm and for Fall by August 24 by 2pm. The form is available on Canvas or at
3. ACADEMIC CREDIT FOR INTERNSHIPS: Form must be completed online and submitted for Summer by May 18 at 2pm and for Fall by August 24 by 2pm. The form can be found on Canvas or at

1. OVERLOADS: There are no overloads in INTA courses, so schedule as soon as your time ticket opens. Information about overloads in non-INTA classes is available at

2. LANGUAGE CLASSES: For all language courses, the language of instruction must be the same as the language of learning. English-taught culture courses will not apply to language requirements. Be sure to check the instructional language when registering.

3. PASS/FAIL: INTA and IAML majors can take Lab Science, Technology, Math, and Free Elective classes pass/fail. EIA majors can take Free Elective classes pass/fail. You must decide if you want to take a class pass/fail by drop day. The number of pass/fail hours you are allowed to take is based on your total credits completed at Tech. Guidelines: and

4. 39-HOUR UPPER-DIVISION RULE: INTA majors must have 15 hours of 3/4XXX credit in the HTS, technology, language, cluster, or free electives requirements. EIA majors must have 12 hours of 3/4XXX credit in the HTS, technology, language, cluster, free, or ECON/INTA elective requirements. Learn more:

5. Please remember that your last 36 credits of your degree MUST be completed AT or THROUGH Georgia Tech.

1. Permits/Overloads/Waitlists in other departments:
2. Registration Assistance Videos:
3. Play our Registration Simulation Game to get answers to some of your frequently asked questions.
4. Elective Course Descriptions: Check out our course trailers or visit
5. INTA Certificates:
6. Program and Degree Requirement FAQs:
7. Looking for something? Check INTA Undergraduate Resources on Canvas for Announcements and other Resources:

I appreciate your patience during this busy time.

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