Student-Athlete Services Department Peer Tutoring Positions

The Student-Athlete Services Department is looking for tutors for INTA courses, including INTA 1200 and INTA 2040. Undergraduate tutors start at a base pay rate of $10/hour, and graduate students start at $12/hour. This may increase with past tutoring experiences. See below for more details about applying to become a peer tutor.

“Thank you for your interest in tutoring with the Georgia Tech Athletics Association. The tutor program is the core of our academic support unit and qualified tutors are integral to the success of this program.  The goal of academic tutoring is to help facilitate learning and enhance the course material; it is not to guarantee athletic eligibility. Our focus is on the “student” in student-athlete.  Peer tutors are students who have been selected, trained, and designated to offer educational services to student-athletes.  Tutorial services are intentionally designed to assist student-athletes toward attainment of their defined educational goals.  These services are not meant to take the place of student-athlete class attendance or serve as substitute professors.

In the Hearn Academic Center, peer tutors lead course-based tutorial sessions, either one-on-one or in small groups.  Please know that we are seeking individuals with strong communication skills and those with an ability to relate to students with diverse academic backgrounds. As we are guided by the codes of academic conduct and integrity set forth by the ACC, the NCAA, and Georgia Tech, this responsibility is one that should be taken seriously.  Tutor-student placements will be made based upon the students’ subject requests and their daily availability.  You will be scheduled up to a maximum number of hours per week as you’re willing to work. The ability to work with the same individual or group weekly throughout the semester provides both you and the students assigned a level of consistency, as well as the opportunity to establish and maintain rapport.”

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