Welcome from Dr. Stulberg – AY 2021-2022


Dear Nunn School Students,

Welcome to Fall ’21!!

We at the Nunn School hope that this note finds you healthy and eager to
resume your academic pursuits.  Needless to say, the past month or so
has been very confusing, anxiety-ridden, and emotionally draining due to
the COVID-Delta spike, complicating the smooth return to in-person
education on campus as originally envisioned.  That said, as
communicated by President Cabrera and other GT announcements, the campus
is taking numerous precautions and mounting a concerted campaign to urge
our community to be vigilant at creating and sustaining a safe learning
environment from the onset and throughout the semester.  Rest assured,
the faculty and staff at the Nunn School have been working hard over the
past weeks to do our part so that you can have a safe, flexible,
accessible, and substantive learning experience.  In this spirit, I want
to underscore some of the basic COVID-related policies and norms that
will be operational from day one across GT/Nunn School programming.

1) GT is committed to offering an in-person class experience for Fall
’21 semester. Accordingly, all faculty, staff, and students are strongly
urged to wear masks in their classes (irrespective of vaccination
status), and are encouraged to get vaccinated and to be tested
regularly.  Also, in alignment with CDC guidance, masks/face coverings
are required while using campus buses and shuttles and while visiting
the Stamps Health Services and satellite clinics.  GT plans to ramp up
surveillance testing during the Fall semester to monitor the spread
across the campus population.  Campus testing services can be used by
those who are vaccinated, as well.

2) GT has developed procedures, key decision points, and communications
processes should a student develop COVID-19 symptoms or test positive
for COVID-19.  For details and the COVID decision tree, please see links at:



3) Students must contact faculty individually about recording classes.
Those students with permissions to record derived from an
Institute-required accommodation should notify individual instructors
and may be prohibited from sharing the recording at the faculty member’s

4) Common spaces in Habersham have the same mask policy as the classroom.

5) GT will work to monitor air flow, filtration, and air quality in
buildings, especially for classrooms. If there are issues found with a
particular classroom, efforts will be made to improve the ventilation,
which is one of the critical steps in helping to make the indoor
environment safer.  Air purifiers are located in Habersham classrooms
and in the main lobby.

6) Each instructor will define the specific dimensions and provisions
for office hours, participation and delivery of course content, and is
committed to maintaining timely, clear, and ongoing communication
throughout the semester.  So, please pay particular attention to
announcements posted in course syllabi and CANVAS websites.

7) GT References for COVID-related information:





In order to address the current circumstances, as well as in recognition
of our new reality, we have remodeled the entrance and patio of the
Habersham building. We have created additional open areas for students,
staff, and faculty to mingle and lounge.  In addition, we re-designed
lounge areas on the patio.  Accordingly, we hope that these improvements
will provide welcoming spaces to foster a better sense of community at
Habersham, as well as to provide less dense areas to congregate in light
of COVID-19 concerns.  Should the situation deteriorate, we may explore
possibilities of erecting a tent on the patio for small gatherings.  We
encourage students to use these new spaces when visiting the building.

Please note, the Habersham Building is completely closed, providing Buzz
Card access only.  For those taking courses or meeting with faculty and
staff in Habersham, we encourage you to confirm your email addresses
with your instructor or with Marilu Suarez
(marilu.suarez@inta.gatech.edu) to ensure access to the building.  All
walk-ins who do not possess Buzz Cards will need to use the intercom
next to the front door—dialing name of professor or staff on duty at
that time.  There is a directory with the names and office numbers of
all faculty and staff posted in the hallway towards the first floor INTA
suite to direct people accordingly once in the building.  Staff will be
in the building in shifts; not all staff will be in the building at all

Needless to say, this will be another dynamic and challenging semester.
But as students, staff, and faculty demonstrated to date– we not only
will persevere but will thrive!  We stand to have engaging and
productive experiences in our courses and other extra-curricular
activities.  Accordingly, please stay alert to the various notices
coming out from GT regarding COVID vaccines, testing and community
health, as well as academic restart issues. At the Nunn School, we will
be as understanding as possible in order to accommodate your concerns.
As such, there will be an element of “learning by doing,” so we ask for
your patience, vigilance, understanding, and flexibility as we navigate
these dynamic shoals to move forward safely.

In any case, the Nunn School family is looking forward to getting back
to business– however the “new normal” unfolds for Fall ’21– and we
welcome you warmly at the onset of the semester.

Take care, stay healthy, and we look forward to a productive learning
experience with you.

Adam N. Stulberg
Sam Nunn Chair Professor
Sam Nunn School of International Affairs
Associate Director, Strategic Energy Institute
Georgia Institute of Technology
781 Marietta Street
Atlanta, GA  30332-0610
Tel:  (404) 385-0090
Fax:  (404) 894-1900


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