Congratulations to our Survey Prize Pack Winners!

Congratulations to our gift card prize pack winners! As promised, students that completed the surveys by deadline were eligible for a drawing for these gift cards, provided by very generous area businesses. Thank you to these winners and for all the students that completed surveys.  Your participation is essential to collecting data to develop better programming for our student population!

Accomplishments Survey Winners by level:

Freshman = Sam Chappell, INTA, (Blue Donkey and Papa John’s certificates)

Sophomore = Emily Finger, INTA, (Marlow’s Tavern and Tiff’s Treats certificates)

Junior = Aarij Abbas, EIA, (Ray’s Pizza and Marlow’s Tavern certificates)

Senior = Emma Browning, INTA, (Highland Bakery)

Graduate Student = Emma Smith, MSIA, (Ray’s Pizza and Tiff’s Treats)

Graduation and Employment Survey Winners by level:

Undergraduate = Alexa Grzech, EIA, (Marlow’s Tavern, Tiff’s Treats)

Graduate = Matt Moliterno, MSIA, (Marlow’s Tavern, Tiff’s Treats)



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