Fulbright Information Session


 February 28, 5:30 pm

205 Clough Lounge

 Georgia Tech students are encouraged to apply for Fulbright awards available in 140 countries around the world. Through Fulbright students may

1) do research,

2) enroll in a graduate degree program (Fulbright would cover one year), or

3) be an English teaching assistant.

 Students need a letter of invitation from the host institution, and faculty and international students here at Georgia Tech can be helpful in finding contacts in other countries.

 Students may apply their senior year or as a graduate student.

 The campus deadline for Fulbright applications will be in August this year, and students need to work with Dr. Karen Adams or Dr. Kathryn Meehan this spring (karen.adams@provost.gatech.edu) to begin work on the application.

 Students are urged to make an appointment to learn what is needed in a letter of invitation and to begin essay preparation.


Dr. Kathryn Meehan  (Kathryn.meehan@provost.gatech.edu)

Dr. Karen Adams  (Karen.adams@provost.gatech.edu)

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