NNSA Graduate Fellowship Program – Virtual Recruiting Event

Join the NNSA Graduate Fellowship Program
The NNSA Graduate Fellowship Program (NGFP) offers unmatched opportunities for graduate-level students to gain hands-on experience exploring careers across the NNSA enterprise. As part of the U.S. Department of Energy, NNSA is responsible for stewardship of the nation’s nuclear weapons, nuclear nonproliferation, and naval reactor programs. Learn more about NNSA’s exciting missions and opportunities at http://nnsa.energy.gov.


Learn More at the Nunn School Virtual Recruiting Event:
September 17 at 11:00am for the NNSA Graduate Fellowship Program Virtual Orientation. Register for this event here. Students should register in advance of the session and they will be provided a link to the orientation.


NGFP gives highly motivated, graduate-level students a full year of:
• Hands-on experience making significant contributions to and preparing for a career in
national security
• Participation in the NNSA Aspiring Leadership Certification Program
• Specialized training, leadership and career development, and networking
• Collaboration with professionals and leading researchers nationally and internationally


Fellows receive a salary plus benefits, including:
• $53,300 salary ($63,550 post-docs) plus $4,000 hiring incentive (taxed)
• Additional travel and training funding
• Healthcare and paid vacation/holidays
• Tuition reimbursement (restrictions apply)


Download the recruitment brochure and the annual report.
To apply to join our fellowship:
Submit the NGFP application, letter of interest, résumé/CV, and at least 2 letters of recommendation at http://ngfp.pnnl.gov. Applications for fellowships beginning June 2021 are due October 7, 2020.


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