The IAC student advisory board is now accepting nominations for Ivan Allen Student Awards

Ivan Allen Student Recognition possibilities

We are now accepting nominations for the IAC student advisory board awards to be given out at the end of year awards luncheon. Nominations should include no more than a 500-word message of support about the nominee. Independent student nominations of other students and student self-nominations are acceptable.

This year’s awards and criteria include:

v  Student Leadership Award:

  • The applicant is or has been the leader of an organization
  • The applicant has significantly improved the organization that they lead
  • The leadership of the applicant has inspired or led to positive change in Ivan Allen.


v  I am Liberal Arts Award:

  • The applicant has shown consistent commitment to community service.
  • The community service project(s) of the applicant has reached a wide variety of people.
  •  The project(s) of the applicant has had a lasting effect on the targeted community.

v  Success Beyond Campus Award:

  • The applicant has shown initiative in an off-campus job or entrepreneurial activity.
  •  The applicant has shown progress through job promotion or successful entrepreneurship.
  • The applicant has positively represented the Ivan Allen College within the off-campus job or activity.

v  Community Service Award:

  • The applicant exemplifies Mayor Allen’s values of integrity, honor, tolerance, and progressivism.
  •  The applicant has positively represented the Ivan Allen College.
  •  The applicant has been consistently involved in Ivan Allen initiatives.


v  Outstanding Undergraduate Researcher Award:

Honors individuals who have exemplified excellence in research while undergraduates at the Georgia Institute of Technology. Qualities honored include uniqueness of research, longevity of experience, contributions to the discipline, and presentations of work in multiple forums. The recipients of each award are selected by the administration of each college. The Research recipient will receive a prize and be recognized at the annual “Research Symposium” held in March each year. For more information, contact All nominations due by March 10th

For more information about how to apply or nominate, visit

Email all nominations to  By MARCH 1st

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