TAG International Business Society Presents: The New Landscape of the International Workforce


February 15 @ 5:30 pm – 7:00 pm

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An international workforce can mean several things based on the organization, but typically it refers to the number of international workers connected through a global system of network and production. These are either people who are willing to engage and work internationally (move or travel) or as it is becoming more common in recent years, work from their home countries for an organization that is thousand of miles away (permanently virtual).


  • Accessing Global Talent – Widening the search to find the ideal candidate
  • Compensation Package – Different types of employment and compensation structures
  • Cultural Diversity – According to McKinsey’s report, companies with ethnic diversity are 29% more profitable
  • Corporate Culture – Social disconnect and lack of team engagement
  • Difficulty in Collaboration – Difficulty in coordinating: different time zones; official holidays; vacation
  • Communication Differences – Pure virtual contact breaths huge changes of miscommunication
  • Managing Law and Compliance – Managing tax law, payroll system differs from country to country

Relevant Points

  • The new American economy
  • Cross-cultural learning for Atlantans
  • How do we upscale our talent?


  • Students
  • What types of companies are students looking at? WHY?
  • What student profile are companies looking for?
  • Alumni Groups
  • Faculty
  • How does this impact their curriculum?
  • Chambers
  • Consulates
  • 2,600 International Businesses in Georgia

Meet our speakers:

Nina DeAugustinis :PhD Business Psychologist and International Business Society Board Member

Vicki Flier-Hudson :Chief Collaboration Officer, Highroad Global Services

Darlene Lynch :Head of External Relations, The Center for Victims of Torture Georgia Chair, Business & Immigration for Georgia (BIG) Partnership

Co-Chair, Coalition of Refugee Service Agencies

John McIntyre: Executive Director GT Center for International Business Education & Research, Georgia Institute of Technology

Lars Minns: Chief Human Resources Officer, Mercedes-Benz USA

Karen Weinstock: Managing Attorney, Weinstock Immigration Lawyers

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