Recruiting GT 1000 First-Year Seminar & GT 2000 Transfer Student Seminar Student Team Leaders

Applications for student team leaders to teach GT 1000 or GT 2000 this fall semester are currently being accepted. The seminars are an excellent way to help our incoming students get connected to people and resources here at Georgia Tech and for them to do some intentional exploration of their degree and career pathways, while cultivating leadership skills. Students who either have served in the past or would be good candidates to serve as a Team Leader this year, please encourage them to apply.

GT 1000 and GT 2000, Georgia Tech’s first-year and transfer student seminar courses, introduce new students to campus and support their successful transition to college. All sections utilize successful, experienced students as peer facilitators, referred to as “Team Leaders” (TLs). Team Leaders work closely with the instructor to promote small group interaction and offer advice and support to first-year and transfer students. TLs are volunteers, receiving no pay or academic credit. All students are eligible to apply, even if they haven’t participated in the program as a GT-1000/2000 student.


  • Former TLs and new applicants should apply: here
  • The deadline for TL applications is: March 3, 2023.


Thank you for considering this team leader recruiting opportunity.

Should you have any questions about the program or the application process, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at .

You can also learn more at our website

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