2018-2019 Cybersecurity Fellowship, New America – Washington, DC

For the past three years, Cybersecurity Policy Fellows have been a major part of New America’s Cybersecurity Initiative. The fellowship provides a group of academics, practitioners, technologists, and others with a yearlong, non-resident fellowship with New America’s Cybersecurity Initiative. The fellowship is designed to enable Fellows to work creatively with the Initiative, each other, and the cybersecurity community to improve the quality of cybersecurity policy discussion.

Fellows are best able to contribute to the policy discussion when their opinions are heard, which is why the Cybersecurity Initiative will work closely with Fellows to take advantage of media opportunities—print, social, broadcast, or otherwise—to amplify Fellows’ good work. Fellows also have full access to New America and the Cybersecurity Initiative’s intellectual life, including invitations to conferences, events, and private roundtables. The Initiative also strives to extend Fellows’ reach by connecting them to resources within our network whenever possible.

Over the course of the fellowship (September 1 – August 31), the Cybersecurity Initiative will draw on Fellows’ expertise to inform our core research and provide insight in events and publications. Our work is very collaborative, and wherever appropriate we will strive to develop joint projects and opportunities with our Fellows. We consider Fellows to be part of the Initiative, and so when writing or making outside appearances, Fellows are asked to include New America in their byline or affiliation.

The fellowship seeks to incorporate a diverse range of research interests and backgrounds. We are likely to favor applications that look like they can contribute to our policy work in the areas set out below, although we will consider exceptional applicants in other areas of cybersecurity policy.

Focus areas for 2018-2019 fellowship applications:

  • Cybersecurity Workforce;
  • Diversity and Inclusion in Cybersecurity;
  • Encryption (e.g. new technical approaches and policy issues such as role of encryption in safeguarding particular communities);
  • Government Hacking (e.g. impact of practice, rules to regulate);
  • Healthcare Cybersecurity;
  • International Cybersecurity (including capacity building, national cybersecurity strategies, and internet governance);
  • IoT Security (e.g. technical or policy approaches to device security, evaluation and testing of consumer devices and industrial control systems);
  • State and Local (particularly city-level) cybersecurity;
  • Vulnerability Management (government’s VEP and/or private sector management).

How to Apply:

  • To apply, please submit the following documents:
  • A 50-200 word professional biography
  • A resume or CV

A statement of interest (750 words or fewer) describing your interest in joining the Cybersecurity Policy Fellows program; how your work fits in with one of the topics of interest listed above; and how your planned work would contribute to New America’s cybersecurity work. We encourage you to visit newamerica.org to learn more about the different programs at New America focused on cybersecurity.

Applications will be accepted from June 27 to July 22, 2018. The fellowship is unpaid and non-resident, although opportunities may arise to provide honoraria for specific deliverables.

Apply here: https://www.newamerica.org/jobs/

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