Affirmative Action Plan Data Analyst Fall 2017 Internship

Georgia Tech Pre-Law Advising & Martenson, Hasbrouck & Simon LLP
Affirmative Action Plan Data Analyst
Fall 2017 Internship

Application deadline: June 16, 2017 by 11:59 p.m.

Internship Description
The Georgia Tech Pre-Law Advising program in the Center for Career Discovery and Development (C2D2) and Martenson, Hasbrouck & Simon, LLP (MHS) have partnered to create an internship opportunity for undergraduates interested in learning more about the practice of law in an engaged, experiential way.

MHS is a law firm that focuses its practice on labor and employment defense and business litigation. The internship provides a qualified candidate the opportunity to assist the attorneys at MHS with the development and implementation of affirmative action programs for their clients. In this role, interns will assist with the preparation of affirmative action plans and ensure the firm’s clients comply with applicable laws and regulations related to Affirmative Action and Equal Employment Opportunity.

The primary functions and responsibilities associated with the position include:
• Analyzing trends/patterns in large data sets, drawing conclusions based on data analysis, and following up with the firm’s attorneys and staff as needed
• Processing data in ways that emphasize and preserve the integrity of the data
• Formatting and identifying data consistently across sets to facilitate statistical analysis
• Trouble-shooting potential “coding” issues with spreadsheet data
• Identifying and extracting relevant information and/or data sub-sets
• Editing documents and spreadsheets in support of affirmative action plan development

What Skills Will I Gain through this Internship?
As an intern, you will, among other things, gain or enhance existing familiarity with laws and regulations related to affirmative action and equal employment opportunity compliance and Microsoft Office applications – particularly Excel®. You will gain greater understanding of the capabilities of Excel® through application of existing knowledge and acquisition of advanced knowledge related to how to utilize formulas, functions and/or queries to look-up and extract relevant information from large data sets and to analyze compliance with applicable affirmative action and equal employment opportunity laws.

Location of Internship
3379 Peachtree Street, N.E.
4th Floor
Atlanta, GA 30326

What are the eligibility requirements?
• current Georgia Tech undergraduate or graduate student
• current student when applying and during entire internship
• background in computer science, statistics, mathematical applications or related discipline
• have a good working knowledge of Excel®
• an interest in the field of law
• 2.0 or higher cumulative G.P.A. when applying and during entire internship
• be in current good academic standing
• International students who qualify for CPT may apply.

When will I work? What is the pay? What additional academic benefits are there?
The internship is for the entirety of fall term 2017. Interns must work 16 weeks between August 21 – December 22, 2017. The internship requires 10 – 30 hours/week, Monday – Friday dependent upon the intern’s availability. The specific schedule during each week will be decided by supervisors at MHS and the intern. The opportunity to extend the internship for second term exists and depends upon the intern’s performance during the first term.

The hourly pay rate for this internship is $17/hour.

This internship qualifies for audit credit hours (no tuition or fees) and official transcript designation only if officially registered through C2D2. The audit credit hours serve as academic credit hour placeholders towards full-time status. Interns only have to register for the additional number in academic credit hours to achieve full-time student status (12 academic credit hours) as long as the internship is officially registered for each semester.* For example, an internship of 6 registered audit credit hours + 6 registered academic credit hours = full-time student status. Details on how to register for an internship can be found on the C2D2 website at Phase 2 registration is August 12 – 25, 2017, and an internship has to be registered before the 1st day of work.

The intern will earn a particular amount of audit credit hours based on the weekly commitment.
• 10 -19 hours per week internship qualifies for 3 audit credit hours
• 20 – 29 hours per week internship qualifies for 6 audit credit hours
• 30 hours per week internship qualifies for 9 audit credit hours

The intern must work within the same range of hours each week and will not receive more audit credit hours for working more than the maximum hour amount of the pre-determined range. Likewise, the intern cannot receive more audit credit hours if working less than the minimum amount required within a range. For example, an intern cannot receive 6 audit credit hours if only committed to work 10- 19 hours/work nor can the intern receive 9 audit credit hours if only committed to working 20- 29 hours.

What about financial aid and my graduation goals?
The internship will require 10 – 30 hours per week and may limit or preclude the intern from taking courses for academic credit. Applicants are responsible for consulting with their financial aid advisors (if applicable) to ensure participation in an internship with audit credit hours is permissible. Applicants are also responsible for consulting with their academic advisors before applying to ensure that the internship will not hinder graduation goals.

Graduate students only: Masters students must obtain permission from their academic advisor to intern. Doctoral students need permission from their faculty advisor and academic advisor. Graduate students typically have to be enrolled for two terms before interning.

What will my responsibilities be as an intern?
As an intern, you shall abide by all policies set forth by Martenson, Hasbrouck & Simon, LLP and C2D2 and are required to have a background check. You shall be responsible for carrying out all responsibilities assigned during the internship as outlined by MHS, Georgia Tech Pre-Law Advising, and C2D2 before receiving internship audit credit on a transcript. Failure to fulfill all responsibilities can result in an internship transcript designation of “unsuccessful audit” and loss of the audit credit hour benefit.

What materials do I need to apply? How do I apply?
1. cover letter directed to Ms. Bulat and Mr. Martenson and using the address:
Ms. Betsy Bulat Turner and Mr. Marty Martenson
Martenson, Hasbrouck & Simon, LLP
3379 Peachtree Rd, N.E.,
4th Floor
Atlanta, GA 30326

2. a resume

3. Email cover letter and resume to Corrine Wolfersberger at – put “Georgia Tech Pre-Law Internship” in the subject header.

4. an interview (for select applicants only)

Potential candidates should expect to be interviewed by multiple members of the firm. Applications will be reviewed as they are received. Not all applicants will receive an interview.

Who can answer my additional questions?
Susan Belmonte, GT Pre-Law Advisor,
Betsy Bulat Turner, MHS Attorney,

Who can help me with my application materials?
Susan Belmonte, GT Pre-Law Advisor,

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