Apple is Hiring Ivan Allen Students!

Apple is looking specifically for Ivan Allen students for their new At-Home-Advisor positions. They are offering a one-year contract that pays you to work 20 hours a week during the school year and full time in the summer.  It also gives you the same benefits package as a permanent Apple employee.  It also pays tuition for most of your courses.

Apple Flyer 4-3-14-page-001

This sounds almost too good to be true, yes? But they want to hire a good many students, specifically Ivan Allen College students, both undergraduate and graduate.  The job would be customer support.  You would do this from home. They said that their data show, based on a pilot program they did at UC Davis, that students get better results than the people they hire full time to be customer support staff.  They are particularly excited by the prospect of hiring students who work at the crossroads of science, technology, and the liberal arts.  Their theory is that GT liberal arts students will be naturally good at the kind of work they have for you to do.

You may not have considered doing this kind of work for a big company like Apple before.  Perhaps you felt your skills did not match their needs.  That is not the case.  They were insistent that they want to hire liberal arts majors who have a foot in the land of technology and science, but not their whole heads there.

For more information visit the website here or even better, come to one of the recruiting events next week! Representatives from Apple are going to be here on campus for three days to talk to you. They will be in the following locations between April 8th-10th:

Tuesday April 8th from 11AM – 2PM at the Student Center Orgs Tables

Wednesday April 9th from 12PM – 3PM in the Instructional Center, Room 115

Thursday April 10th from 2PM – 4PM on Skiles Walkway

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