Arms Division Intern, Human Rights Watch (Washington, DC)


The Arms Division of Human Rights Watch (HRW) is seeking an intern for summer 2020 in the Washington, D.C. office. Ideally, the candidate will be available for 30-35 hours per week for a period of up to 12 weeks in the time frame of April to September 2020 (dates and times are flexible).

Created in 1992, Human Rights Watch’s Arms Division works on weapons of humanitarian concern and to promote compliance by all with international humanitarian law. Currently, the Arms Division works to ensure implementation of humanitarian disarmament instruments like the Mine Ban Treaty and Convention on Cluster Munitions. It coordinates the Campaign to Stop Killer Robots, a global coalition working to preemptively ban lethal autonomous weapons systems. On behalf of Human Rights Watch, the division is centrally involved in the International Network on Explosive Weapons, which seeks to address the harm caused by the use of explosive weapons in towns and cities of Syria, Yemen, and other countries.

The intern will focus on a variety of projects relating to the Arms Division initiatives. The intern will learn and be exposed to:

  • Tracking and identifying cluster munition and incendiary weapons attacks in Syria;
  • Collecting and reviewing information pertaining to the Convention on Cluster Munitions and the Mine Ban Treaty;
  • Conducting research on international negotiations on fully autonomous weapons;
  • Media monitoring; and
  • Contributing to advocacy work.


 Applicants must be enrolled undergraduate (junior or senior standing preferred) or graduate (including law) students for the duration of the internship term. Applicants should be well-organized, self-motivated, and reliable with a strong interest in international human rights. Relevant coursework and previous desk research experience is desirable. Knowledge of a second language, particularly Arabic or another UN working language, is a plus. Computer skills (i.e., Microsoft Office and internet applications) are required.


For more information and to apply, click here.

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