Atlanta Undergraduate Nuclear Security Workshop – Call for Applications

Atlanta Undergraduate Nuclear Security Workshop – Call for Applications

The Truman Center for National Policy, in partnership with the Atlanta Global Studies Center, is hosting
a workshop on nuclear policy for junior and senior undergraduates at colleges and universities in the
Atlanta area as part of a project to diversify the nuclear security practitioner pipeline. As such, we are
looking for students, particularly women, people of color, and LGBTQ+ students, to apply for this
two-day workshop on nuclear policy issues such as deterrence, nonproliferation, and energy at the
Atlanta Global Studies Center on the afternoon of April 14th and all day April 15th, 2023. Dinner
will be provided on the evening of April 14th, and breakfast and lunch will be provided on the 15th. Upon
completing the workshop, participants will join a network of workshop alumni that Truman is building
across the country.

Students can apply here: Applications are due by midnight ET, March 15, 2023.

If you have any questions, please contact Chris Aboukhaled at

Frequently Asked Questions:
● Q: How do I apply?
○ A: It’s a very simple application; please fill out the form via the link above (no transcripts
or letters of recommendation necessary).

● Q: What topics will be covered?
○ A: We’ll cover a range of issues related to nuclear security and careers in the field.
Sessions from a similar recent workshop in Chicago, many of which will be repeated in
Atlanta, included:
■ “The Dawn of the Nuclear Age and Nonproliferation”
■ “Nuclear Policy Today and What That Means for You, Organizing and
Advocacy: Movement Building and Nuclear Injustice”
■ “The Nuclear Age Revisited: The View from the Global South”
■ “Out of the Silo: Nuclear Security in Broader Context”

● Q: What do I get out of attending?
○ A: First and foremost, you get a chance to explore a fascinating set of topics with experts
both in the Atlanta area as well as from other parts of the country. Exposure to material
like that presented here can help generate ideas that you can use in both your
undergraduate studies as well as graduate studies. All participants will be added to our
alumni listserv, which provides them with information on internships and other
educational opportunities and the latest news and research on a range of nuclear issues.
○ Second, there are career and social benefits to participating in a workshop like this. From
a career perspective, you get an interesting entry on your resume that signals to potential
employers that you sought out additional opportunities to advance your personal growth
while an undergraduate. Socially, this is an opportunity to meet students from other
universities in the area with similar interests. And free food isn’t bad either.

● Q: Can graduate students apply?
○ A: This opportunity is aimed at engaging students at the undergraduate level. However,
there is a graduate-level workshop in the works. Feel free to send us an email to the
address above if you might be interested

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