Case Interviews


The case interview is employed primarily by management-consulting firms, as well as investment-banking companies, and is increasingly being used by other types of corporations as part of the job-interviewing process.  According to MIT’s Careers Handbook, a case interview is an interview in which “you are introduced to a business dilemma facing a particular company. You are asked to analyze the situation, identify key business issues, and discuss how you would address the problems involved.” 


Here are some resources to prepare you to tackle case interviewing:


          * Mastering the Case Interview by Quint Careers


          * Vault Guide to the Case Interview:  Listed under the Vault’s Industry Career Guides.  Access free through the GT Career Services website!


          * Join the GT Undergraduate Consulting Club: They have case interview workshops and practice sessions.


          * Participate in GT Career Services‘s mock interview week in early spring or fall semester.  All sessions on Friday of that week are case-based.


          * Read the book “Case in Point” by Marc Cosentino.  Mr. Cosentino’s full-time job is preparing Harvard MBA students for case interviews.

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