Commercial Analyst Intern, GT Office of Industry Engagement

For current undergraduate students in any discipline
Application deadline: November 14, 2018
Internship Description
The Georgia Tech Pre-Law Advising program in the Center for Career Discovery and
Development (C2D2) and the Office of Industry Engagement have partnered to create an
internship opportunity for undergraduate students in any discipline interested in
learning more about intellectual property in an engaged, experiential way.
The Office of Industry Engagement is seeking entrepreneurial-minded students to join one of
the most dynamic teams at Georgia Tech. The Office of Industry Engagement manages
intellectual property generated by Georgia Tech research, with services including the
identification, evaluation, protection, marketing, and commercial licensing of intellectual
property. Industry Engagement interns will participate in many aspects of the technology
commercialization process, with a focus on reviewing new invention disclosures, writing
technical materials, and building the business case for the commercialization of a technology.
Working within the Office of Industry Engagement provides valuable business experience and
exposure to some of Georgia Tech’s most exciting technologies.

The primary functions and responsibilities associated with the position include:
 Evaluate new inventions disclosed for commercial potential
 Draft marketing abstracts for technologies suited for commercial efforts
 Interview inventors to clarify technology disclosure details including market
applications, stage of development, future interest in development, and potential
commercial uses
 Assist technology managers in the further assessment and marketing of technologies
that are in advanced stages of the commercialization process
 Perform preliminary market and industry analysis for applications of new
 Assist with data entry and reporting efforts as assigned by supervisor

What Skills Will Interns Gain?
Interns among other things, gain or enhance existing familiarity with the field of technology
transfer and intellectual property. Interns will have the opportunity to learn about all stages of
commercialization, including technology evaluation, patent landscaping, customer discovery,
and marketing. In addition, interns will become familiar with laws and regulations related to
intellectual property, inventorship, and third party rights. Lastly, interns will gain greater
understanding of strategic academic-industry partnerships and how they impact economic

Location of Internship
Research Administration Building
505 Tenth Street NW
Atlanta, GA 30318

What are the eligibility requirements?
 Georgia Tech undergraduate in any discipline
 Current student when applying and during entire internship
 2.5 or higher cumulative G.P.A. when applying and during the internship
 Be in current, good academic standing
 Sincere interest in intellectual property and technology transfer
 Excellent verbal and written communication skills
 Basic MS Word, PowerPoint, and Excel proficiency
 Ability to understand highly technical innovations in subjects such as material
science, chemistry, aerodynamics, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering,
and other engineering-related areas
 Capacity to accurately understand and describe an invention and its features,
benefits, and economic potential
 U.S. citizenship

What about the compensation, schedule, and additional benefits?
The internship is for the entirety of spring and summer terms 2019. The internship
requires 10-19 hours/week, Monday – Friday dependent upon the intern’s availability. The
specific schedule during each week will be decided by supervisor and the intern, and may vary
each semester based on the intern’s schedule.
The starting hourly pay rate is $10/hour.
This internship qualifies for three (3) audit credit hours (no tuition or fees) and official
transcript designation only if officially registered through the C2D2. Internships have to be
registered before the 1st day of work, which may before the last day of Phase 2 registration. The
audit credit hours serve as placeholders towards full-time status. Interns only have to register
for the additional number in academic credit hours to achieve full-time student status (12
academic credit hours). Registered interns also receive assistance from C2D2 in the event of a
problem with the internship. Registration is not required to do an internship but is required to
receive the above benefits. Registration is a separate process for each semester.

What about financial aid and graduation goals?
The internship may limit or preclude the intern from taking courses for academic credit.
Applicants are responsible for consulting with their financial aid advisors (if applicable) to
ensure participation in an internship with audit credit hours is permissible. Applicants are also
responsible for consulting with their academic advisors before applying to ensure that the
internship will not hinder graduation goals.

What will the responsibilities be as an intern?
Interns are required to have a background check and shall abide by all policies set forth by the
Office of Industry Engagement at GTRC and C2D2 (if registered). Failure to fulfill all
responsibilities of a registered internship can result in a transcript designation of “unsuccessful
audit” and loss of the audit credit hour benefit.

What materials are needed to apply?
1. Email a cover letter and resume to Ashton Harrison at – put “Georgia Tech Pre-Law Internship” in the
subject header.
2. an interview (for select applicants only)
Potential candidates should expect to be interviewed by multiple members of the organization.
Applications will be reviewed as they are received. Not all applicants will receive an interview.
All materials must be submitted by November 14th, 2018.

Susan Belmonte, GT Pre-Law Advisor,
Rene’ Meadors, Marketing Associate,
Want help with the application materials?
Susan Belmonte, GT Pre-Law Advisor,

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