DIA Human Intelligence College Career Day

From overt collection to clandestine operations, at home and abroad, Human Intelligence officers often put their lives at risk to collect and disseminate actionable intelligence to the Nation’s warfighters, policymakers, and defense planners. As an officer in this career field, you will perform a wide variety of functions to manage every aspect of the collection reporting cycle. If this is of interest to you, apply for the DIA’s Human Intelligence Career Day. This hiring event will take place in the National Capital Area, students will be contacted throughout March and April to schedule interview times.

The deadline to apply for this opportunity is February 28, 2022, at 11:59 pm EST.

To read more about Human Intelligence Careers, click here.

To apply for this event, click here. Once navigated to the DIA careers page, search for the job title “DIA HUMAN INTELLIGENCE CAREER FIELD COLLEGE DAY RECRUITING”.

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