Disaster Risk Reduction Internship, Mercy Corps – San Juan, Puerto Rico

DATES OF INTERNSHIP: February-July 2018 (flexible, with possible extension)

LENGTH OF INTERNSHIP:  6 months (flexible)


Mercy Corps has been operational in Puerto Rico since 1st October 2017. Following Hurricane Maria, Mercy Corps is supporting relief and recovery efforts in Puerto Rico in both rural and urban settings. We have a team in Puerto Rico that is focused on helping local organizations deliver humanitarian assistance and start rebuilding the communities ravaged by the hurricane.

Our recovery approach focuses on meeting immediate energy and water needs and rebuilding a better energy and water system, as well as providing comprehensive wrap-around services for communities in need through Disaster Risk Reduction programs. Our work will equip existing Community Centers with the emergency solar power, tools and support needed to transform them into Resilience Hubs, which will serve as critical resource points and have the ability to promote both social cohesion and resilience. These existing community centers already serve as key gathering points, aid distribution sites, places for community events, and shelter for people who have lost their homes. With our support, they will be able to do even more to support families in need, providing access to basic services and building resilience to future disasters.

Disaster Risk Reduction Programming (DRR): Mercy Corps works on disaster preparedness around the globe, particularly in places prone to recurrent disasters. With the impact of climate change, we know that places like Puerto Rico will see more frequent and higher-impact storms in the future. We plan to bring our global disaster preparedness expertise to Puerto Rico and partner with municipalities, local nonprofit organizations, and the business community on a wide-reaching preparedness program. We will work together with the Puerto Rico State Agency for Emergency and Disaster Management and their teams at the community level.

DRR knowledge is essential for families in order to reinforce their capacity to make the best use of construction materials and reduce vulnerability to future events. There is a strong need to raise awareness of the risks in their communities and plan to adequately reduce the negative impact of any disaster. We conduct awareness and capacity building activities around DRR with careful consideration for climate protection, gender equity, and child protection.

Spending one percent of a structure’s value on vulnerability reduction measures can reduce probable maximum loss from hurricanes by around a third in the Caribbean, according to regional civil engineering experts.


Mercy Corps responsibilities:

For the duration of this internship assignment the intern will receive:

  • Stipend of $1,500 per month
  • Training and supervisory support
  • Workstation with computer, internet, and phone access
  • Access to Mercy Corps resources, including extensive digital library and online tools
  • Additional tools, materials and communication devices required for this project to be undertaken

Intern responsibilities

Intern is responsible for all costs associated with:

  • Travel to and from Puerto Rico
  • Laptop for working remotely
  • Accommodation, living expenses, and personal travel
  • All other costs associated with this internship

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