EU Delegation to the US Traineeships

non-remunerated traineeship of up to 6 months for students undertaking a compulsory training as a part of their studies, within the different Sections of the EU Delegation to the U.S.

Internships are available in the following policy areas:

  • Economics & Finance trainees focus on the monetary, fiscal, and labor policies of the U.S. by monitoring macroeconomic developments, assisting in the preparation of reports on specific economic issues, and participating in the outreach activities.
  • Global Issues and Innovation trainees focus on U.S. regulatory developments in the areas of transportation, energy and environment, research and innovation, space, food safety (which includes plant and animal health and animal welfare), public health, and consumer protection.
  • Politics, Development and Security trainees report on Congressional hearings and research a broad range of foreign policy, security, and development cooperation issues.
  • Press and Public Diplomacy trainees help with outreach programs and events, assist with digital communications, conduct in-depth media analysis, help coordinate grant programs, and respond to public inquiries.
  • Trade trainees address all aspects of EU-U.S. trade relations, monitoring U.S. policy and legislative developments through activities such as attending events organized by think tanks and trade associations, monitoring Congressional hearings, and conducting research on specific issues.

Are you eligible for a non-remunerated traineeship?

  • You are a student enrolled in the 3rd ,4th, 5th year at a local University
  • You are following a curriculum which includes a training period as a compulsory part of your course and you are already residing in the host country
  • You are a national of an EU Member State, pre-accession State or a national of the United States.
  • You have no previous professional experience in the EU Institutions (longer than 6 weeks)

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