Fall 2020 Campus Closet

The GT Career Center (CC) is excited to launch the Fall 2020 Campus Closest.

The CC is striving to make the campus closest as socially distance as possible with virtual formatting, please let me know if you have any questions.

Campus closest website: http://s2.campuscloset.ccdd.gatech.edu/

Donations: http://s2.campuscloset.ccdd.gatech.edu/donation-information

Student Requests: http://career.gatech.edu/campuscloset/join

How It Works

1.    Create an Account an request a time to virtually view clothing

2.    Virtually view clothing with a representative

3.    Schedule a time to pick up clothing and drop off with representative

4.    Pick-up your clothing from a designated sanitized zone in the Career Center (no contact with Career Center employees)

5.    Rock that business attire!

6.    Return clothing in the same bag it was given at designated drop off time and area
(NOTE:  We will clean these items for you! Do not wash yourself)

7.    Repeat!

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