Fall 2022 – NATO Innovation Challenges Internship/Course Credit – Apply by July 30

NATO Innovation Challenges – Georgia Tech Student Opportunities: Internship/Course Credit

Description: INTA 4901-LR (undergraduate); INTA 8901-LR (graduate)

Instructors: Mr. Nicholas Nelson/Dr. Lawrence Rubin


The Nunn School is offering a 3-credit course FALL 2022 as an unpaid virtual internship with NATO. The course will count toward INTA or FREE electives. Georgia Tech students will join with students from other U.S. and European universities to work on complex strategy, policy, and emerging technology issue areas.

Students who have worked on these projects previously have engaged with the senior levels of NATO and SHAPE, and there is the option to apply for paid internships and entry-level positions with NATO in Belgium, the USA, or other locations in Europe. Recent graduates from the course also received additional support for career planning and interviews, which helped students receive full-time job offers from McKinsey, Deloitte Consulting, and Avascent. This internship will require 10 hours per week as well as papers assessing your progress and periodic check-in meetings with your instructor.

Application process and pre-registration instructions:

  • Submit a brief (no more than 2-3 paragraphs) statement of interest and CV to: Nicholas.nelson@gtri.gatech.edu no later than 30 July. Please include one or two professors we can contact for references if necessary.
  • We will notify you prior to Phase II registration if you have been accepted to the program and provide you with a registration permit. We will release acceptances by 8 August.
  • No prior experience is necessary.

Please contact Nicholas Nelson, Nicholas.nelson@gtri.gatech.edu, for more information on the substance of the internship. Please contact Stephanie Jackson at stephanie.jackson@inta.gatech.edu for any registration questions.

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