Foreign Policy Internship, Human Rights First – Washington, DC

Research human rights situation overseas in particular countries of significance to US foreign policy. (Particular countries likely to include Poland, other Eastern European countries, countries of the former Soviet Union). Develop recommendations regarding ways US officials can communicate the importance of human rights and civil society support to foreign governments and to the public in foreign countries. Conduct research and develop recommendations on making links between lessons learned domestically in the US (for example, related to the use of torture and US criminal justice policy, or the need for narrowly-tailored anti-terror laws) – or lessons we are still learning in the US – and recommendations we provide to foreign countries regarding the need to observe and implement human rights obligations/ the need to support and maintain a robust civil society.

Conduct research online to identify US experts and journalists writing about particular human rights topics in foreign policy related to target countries.
Track legal and political developments in target countries, identify and share articles and research papers on these developments with team on a weekly basis.
Draft blogs regarding target countries in response to legal and political developments in-country. Help develop other advocacy materials regarding target countries, such as op-eds, letters to Congress or the Presidential Administration, issue briefs, working papers.
Track policy statements by human rights organizations, civil society, think tanks regarding target issues (such as anti-terror laws, laws restricting demonstrations, surveillance laws, laws restricting foreign funding, labeling of NGOs as “traitors” or “enemies of the state”)
Research positive examples of nations that have moved toward greater openness and fewer restrictions on civil society with a resulting reduction in security risks in-country (based on political science journals, news media)

Experience conducting legal or policy analysis (at least one year of law school or public policy school or other relevant education recommended)
Excellent writing skills in English
Ability to analyze both foreign legal issues and foreign policy developments from a human rights perspective
Some experience with developing advocacy strategies targeting the government, the public, or other target groups a plus
Knowledge of foreign contexts in Eastern Europe or the former Soviet Union (lived or traveled, speak local languages) a plus

EDUCATION: Law Student or Public Policy Student, or other relevant experience in legal and/or policy analysis
START DATE: September 4, 2019
TIME COMMITMENT: At least 20 hours/week. Internship will run until December 6, 2019.
APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS: Interested candidates should apply at Please include a cover letter, resume, and short writing sample, all in PDF format.

Only selected applicants will be contacted for phone or in-person interviews.

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