Global Action to Prevent War Internships

Global Action to Prevent War Internships

Interns and Fellows are integral to the work of Global Action and the organization places a particular emphasis on the development and future prospects of its interns. Interns and Fellows provide invaluable skills, resources and energy that are essential to the versatility and growth of the organization.

At Global Action we seek to ensure that interns are exposed to our programmatic work with the United Nations in the areas of Peacekeeping; Women, Peace and Security; Disarmament; the Security Council, and UN Media. We also seek to build a base of skills by providing diverse challenges including research assignments, policy papers, meeting briefings, website and publication updates, and interaction with diverse NGOs, UN agencies and mission staff.

Fellows generally come for a period of a few weeks to three months and are here to conduct research, do interviews, write articles, etc.

Preference is always for people who represent diverse academic and professional interests, who are not on some fast track to the diplomatic service.  Global Action to Prevent War needs strong and thoughtful advocates for multi-lateralism in many professional settings and it has usually been the case that the most successful interns (and staff for that matter) have come from advertising, law, business, health.   There have also been successful interns and (mostly) fellows from international affairs backgrounds, but these are folks with academic interests seeking relevant policy passions.

Interns may come as part of academic programs with specific policy agendas to pursue while they are in the UN.  This works fine, with the caveat that Global Action to Prevent War is here to share a full-spectrum view of UN processes, not only in the NY but in UN relations with diverse civil society initiatives in the various global regions.  For almost everyone who comes, this is their “one chance” to sit in the Security Council, in the Peacebuilding Commission, in the Financing for Development meetings, etc.   I try to make sure that the agendas they come with don’t obscure the larger opportunity presented here.

If you are interested in applying, please send to Dr. Robert Zuber, zuber[at]

  1. a resume/CV
  2. a cover letter expressing interest in our project and how it relates to your goals (also indicate availability)
  3. a short (less than 2000 words) writing sample (interns only)

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