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Google is hiring and looking for YOU! Below are positions advertised in their career center newsletter, along with helpful advice from one of our own, Kenny Risner, a senior INTA major, currently interning at Google.

The internship program deadline is near,

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For BOLD  internships next summertime!

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Internship Opportunity – Audience: Juniors (Graduating Winter 2015 or Spring 2016)

Applications due by December 1st

Application – BOLD Internship

Program: BOLD Internship

Overview: The Building Opportunities for Leadership & Development (BOLD) Internship Program is designed to provide exposure into the technology industry for students who are historically under-represented in this field. Google invites students to join us for a unique 11-week paid summer internship where interns will get exposure to personal and professional development programming, executive speakers, mentoring, and community-building.

Full-time Opportunities – Audience: Recent alumni graduates / Seniors graduating December 2014

Students graduating on or before December 2014 are encouraged to apply now

Application – Associate Account Strategist, Global Customer Experience

Application – Associate Account Strategist, SMB Sales

Role: Associate Account Strategist

Overview: As a Small and Medium-sized Business (SMB) Associate Account Strategist professional at Google, you’ll work with a wide variety of SMB advertisers delivering the optimal advertising solution for each customer. Your entrepreneurial drive and expert product knowledge will enable SMB advertisers to expand their businesses with Google’s latest advertising products and solutions.  You’ll also have the opportunity to participate in a two-year developmental Business Associate Program, which offers world-class training, equipping you with the business, analytical and leadership skills needed to be successful at Google.

Advice from Kenny Risner, a senior INTA major, currently interning with Google this fall:

1. First, as IAC students, own that fact! Google recruiters found it fascinating that I was a liberal arts student at an engineering school! The culture at Google is very similar. You will be surrounded by people who have much more technical backgrounds. However, my experience of constantly being surrounded by engineers at school helped me fit right in and pick up on the culture at Google.
2. The BOLD internship is an internship similar to what I am currently doing. When looking at applicants, staffing looks for applicants that have very unique and interesting experiences. Highlighting an experience in which you’ve made an impact or simply done something cool is important. Ultimately, if you can tie this experience back to Google ideals, your application will be much stronger. Do not be afraid to reach past normal academic experiences. When applying, I highlighted my experience of creating a club sport at Tech and they found that very interesting and different.
3. I have not had any experience with the full time positions, but I can imagine the process is very similar. If an interview is offered, I highly recommend that you become VERY familiar with Google products and Google in current news. Know your favorite Google products, what Google is currently working on, etc. Also, when submitting your resume, know it top to bottom. I was very surprised how in depth they went in questioning about my resume. When highlighting a work or leadership experience, know how you made an impact.
4. Finally, my biggest piece of advice is, if you do not get in the first time, do not be afraid to apply again! They find it encouraging to see return applicants!
If you have any more questions, please feel free to reach out to Kenny Risner directly.


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