How to Apply for Intelligence Analysis Positions at NSA

  1. Go online to and navigate to the “Careers” tab.
  2. Apply for Entry Level Intelligence Analyst or Experienced (if applicable).
  3. Create a profile.
  4. Complete Eligibility Screen questions.
  5. Build your resume.
  6. Enter profile information (personal/contact data).
  7. Apply Now — Complete Application
    • Work Experience: Annotate any internships here (whether paid or not). Also; if you are experienced/prior military, annotate MOS/AFSC and location of where you served.
    • Education History: High School & College- Specify areas of concentration (i.e. Intelligence Studies, South Asia, etc.).
    • Job Training: Put down anything relevant to this job that is not listed in Work Experience. For example: Prior military should list Technical Schools, NCS courses, etc. College students/grads: list your relevant courses or non-credit courses.
    • Licenses & Certifications: Note any networking, computer, or GIS information.
    • Languages: Although not a requirement for IAs, list any languages (even if you have not officially tested).
  8. Resume Supplemental Data
    1. Resume Objective: Expand on your skills and knowledge. This is your chance to paint a picture of yourself so we can match you to a specific job. For example: Desire a job as an entry level intelligence analyst that will allow me to use my education in South Asia, my study abroad experience, and love of foreign affairs, etc. Tell us what you have to offer.
    2. Other Professional Data: Use this space to call out your specific/relevant coursework that makes you a good fit for an IA position. Highlight relevant papers you wrote in college and/or projects you worked on that are related to the job. Include any awards, honors, and/or scholarships you have received.
  9. Complete application.

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