How to ask for an informational interview – Career Matters | Devex

Kate Warren, Director of Global Recruitment Services

“They are a great way to learn more about an organization or industry, broaden your network and practice your interview skills. This week, I’ll tackle the issue of informational interviews.

 @SarahJewell asked on Twitter: “Hi Kate. What’s the best way to request an informational interview (in HQs) in order to learn about possible career pathways?”

 An informational interview can help professionals better understand the skills, experiences and strategies they need to succeed in their chosen career path. It can also be a way to eliminate potential career paths they are considering. And while this shouldn’t be the primary goal, it can open up the door for future job opportunities.

Here are some tips for securing — and making the most out of — informational interviews:

Send an email rather than call

Don’t just focus on the HR or recruitment office

Get introduced

Read more and listen to Kate Warren’s advice at: How to ask for an informational interview – Career Matters | Devex.


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