Intelligence Analyst Intern, Counterterrorism Group (Washington, DC)


The mission of the Counterterrorism Group (CTG) is to protect individuals, organizations, personnel and places against acts of terrorism. CTG professionals develop customized services and solutions that help deter, detect, and defeat terrorism. CTG is looking for a select group of individuals to become Counterterrorism Intelligence Analysts Interns. Counterterrorism Intelligence Analysts Interns assess foreign and domestic terrorist groups as well as lone wolf terrorists to identify specific threats, warn of and preempt attacks, disrupt their networks, and eventually defeat terrorist organizations or individuals focused on committing an act of terrorism. Interns are expected to work remotely a minimum of 15 hours per week with weekly check-ins.


As a Counterterrorism Intelligence Analyst Intern you will analyze large amounts of information and conduct investigations to gain an understanding of the issues and evolving situations to produce a range of intelligence products. You will also work as a world-watch officer analyzing and collecting data on daily terrorist events around the world. Being able to develop knowledge about the intentions, motivations, capabilities, plans, recruitment techniques and leaders of terrorist organizations or individual terrorists is critical.

This internship is ideal for candidates who are looking to gain valuable counterterrorism and analysis experience to become competitive candidates for the U.S. Intelligence Community. Interns must be passionate and dedicated about the work of counterterrorism and believe that one day terrorism can be stopped and want to work towards finding the solution. This internship is only for those who are serious about this work.


Ideal candidates for this position will have the following:​

– Demonstrated analytical, critical thinking, research, and writing skills.

– Problem-solving skills: A creative and open mind that will look at new ways to solve problems.

– Ability to learn quickly and apply new knowledge to solving critical problems.

– Strong interpersonal and verbal and written communication skills.

– Strong regional geopolitical understanding.

– Ability to operate in a fast-paced, results-driven environment.

– Ability to operate autonomously to conduct collection, create solutions and support intelligence operations and production

– Ability to work effectively both independently and in a team or collaborative environment

– Ability to take the initiative in carrying out mission responsibilities based on guidance from leadership.

– Ability to utilize a broad range of technological and methodological tools and approaches to research, analyze, and present data (modeling, link analysis, or software).

– Language proficiency in Arabic, French, and other critical languages is always desired.

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