Internships at the EPP Group in the European Parliament (Brussels, Belgium)


The EPP Group is the biggest political group in the European Parliament and our members come from 27 different countries in the EU (so-called Member States). The role of the Parliament is to co-legislate with the Council, therefore both institutions are labelled as co-legislators. Members of the European Parliament are directly elected every 5 years by citizens of all Member States which explains why this institution is often called the heart of European democracy.

In the overall framework of the multiplying and well-developing EU-U.S. relations and the strengthening of the strategic transatlantic dialogues, the EPP Group in the European Parliament intensified its contacts and cooperation with U.S. counterparts and partners, U.S. universities, and think tanks.

Experience the importance of transatlantic relations while working for a political group in a policy driven environment. The EU-U.S. Strategic Dialogue Internship Program with The European People’s Party (EPP) Group in the European Parliament is designed to build a deeper sense of mutual understanding between the United States and the European Union (EU) and to instil an appreciation for the value of transatlantic dialogue and collaboration in this important geostrategic dimension of policymaking.

The transatlantic internship is based on the idea that direct experience and human interaction, as well as the daily exchange of ideas, opinions or visions, are invaluable. Through this program, we build long-lasting connectors. You will be mentored on comprehending the relevant aspects and drivers of the EU-U.S. relationship, in preparation for future leadership.

This is a chance to develop a thoughtful and holistic understanding of the transatlantic dialogue and its multi-fold agenda. By using a multidisciplinary approach, rather than focusing on single issues or sectors, the internship provides an all-inclusive view of the challenges and opportunities of international relations and again the value of collaboration and legislators dialogue. You will follow topics from a diverse set of policies, ranging from energy and climate to civil liberties, digital agenda, financial markets, cybersecurity, foreign relations, security and defence, or human rights and the fight against terrorism. The roots of the transatlantic relations are deep and its agenda is extensive and complex. It calls for engaged young leaders willing to understand the distinctive character of the EU-U.S. partnership.

  • The internship may last 2 to 3 months at the European Parliament in Brussels with the EPP Group and it is offered throughout the whole academic year, from September to July 21 (start of parliamentary summer recess). Up to five U.S. interns are accepted each year. Two EU interns are accepted each year.
  • All Interns will travel 1 to 2 times for 3 and half days per month on a mission to Strasbourg where the European Parliament plenary sessions take place. Expenses for the mission are provided by the EPP Group.
  • The internships for U.S. applicants are not paid.
  • The internships for EU applicants are covered by the rules applying to other EU internship programs.
  • The EPP Group will not take travel and accommodation costs in charge.
  • All Interns are insured against the risk of accidents at the workplace in Brussels and Strasbourg.

You will…

  • Attend and report on committee meetings, plenary sessions, delegation meetings, and EPP group meetings to observe key policies that the Parliament deals with on a daily basis.
  • Conduct research and deliver brief papers on strategic subjects.
  • Gain familiarity with how European legislation is shaped in the context of European Institutions (especially the European Parliament), the EPP Party and EPP Group.
  • Acquire invaluable insight into the daily life of a political adviser, the mechanisms of a political group, and the meanders of some of the most important institutions in the world.
  • Receive a detailed report about your performance during the internship.


  • Masters students at any stage of their degree.
  • U.S. citizens eager to learn about EU’s nature and founding values.
  • European citizens with an American background (i.e. have studied in the U.S.).
  • US citizens studying at U.S. universities, especially those invested in European studies, will be highly considered.


1) We are now accepting applications for the Winter session starting on January / February 2019. Deadline will be November 30. A reply will be provided to students during the first week of December 2019.

2) We will accept applications for the Spring session starting mid May 2020 Deadline will be 31 January 2020. A reply will be provided to students end of February/ beginning of March 2020.

3) We will accept applications for the Autumn session starting in September Deadline will 30 March 2020. A reply will be provided to students mid April 2020.

Applications for spring and autumn sessions can also be sent at the beginning of the given year. They will be given consideration in due time.

Applicants, once selected, are kindly asked to accept or decline the offer made within one week. It is a very small program and therefore it is required from selected applicants that they commit to the internship in a thoughtful way.

You will need to submit:

  • Your CV or Resume, please indicate your nationality or nationalities if dual
  • A Motivation Letter
  • A Recommendation Letter, to be sent directly by the proponent and not via the student

Your application and letter of recommendation should be sent to: Mrs Catarina Caldeira da Silva, Special Advisor for Strategic EU-U.S. dialogue, EPP Group, European Parliament

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