Ivan Allen College Career Workshops: How to Stand Out Among 500+ Applicants & Joining the Foreign Service

How to Stand Out in 500 Applicants | April 7, 2021, 3pm-4pm

Have you ever applied for a job without tailoring your application materials for that specific role? Big mistake, but you’re not alone! Matt Bunting, SVP Executive Director of Hawks Studio with the Atlanta Hawks, will be joining us virtually to discuss:

  • The 5 biggest mistakes college students make when looking to get a job in sports
  • How to stand out in 500 applicants – dos and don’ts with application materials
  • Interviewing tips and staying in contact with employers
  • Atlanta Hawks Hiring/ Recruiting initiatives

To register for this event, click here.

If you have any questions, contact Kyle S. Poe, Ivan Allen College Career Educator, at kyle.poe@gatech.edu.

Joining the Foreign Service | April 8, 2021, 4pm-5 pm

Description: Are you interested in a career with the Department of State and serving as a foreign service officer? Sarah Hennessey, Country Assistance Coordinator at the U.S Department of State, will be joining us virtually to discuss:

  • What the process of joining the foreign service looks like
  • Her experience and the role of a foreign service officer
  • Initiatives within the U.S. Department of State such as the Home Diplomat Program


Please register via CareerBuzz to attend and receive the registration link.

If you have any questions, Kyle S. Poe, Ivan Allen College Career Educator, at kyle.poe@gatech.edu.


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