Kellogg School of Management Webinar – January 14

The Kellogg School of Management (KSM) at Northwestern University is looking for students who are interested in exploring a career in research. If you are considering your post-graduation options, no matter how far off they may be, please join this webinar!

The Research Support Team at KSM will discuss the kind of research conducted at a top-tier business school and how you could get on track to be a professional researcher yourself, no matter your research experience.

One pathway to a research career is the post-baccalaureate, pre-doctoral fellowship, which will be discussed in the webinar.  Whether you decide to apply for the Kellog School of Management fellowship or not, the webinar can help you start considering

The KSM research opportunities are especially relevant to undergraduate and masters students interested in research in the following areas:

-sociology and other social sciences

Webinar information:
Tuesday, January 14, 2020 
11:15am Eastern Standard Time 

To join the meeting on January 14: 

Questions? Please contact Ginger Jacobson at

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