Lutheran Services of Georgia Internships

*Refugee Services internship (Fall/Spring/Summer Semesters) – ATLANTA, SAVANNAH
Interns provide support services to newly arrived refugees under the direction of the Reception and Placement Case
Manager. The Intern accompanies the refugees to assist them in accessing core resettlement services, including picking
up arrivals at the airport, assisting refugees in accessing public services, orienting new arrivals to Atlanta, providing
transportation to/from refugees homes to services such as medical appointments, school registrations, obtaining social
security cards and identification. In addition, interns assist refugee clients to access mainstream social services when
appropriate services are available. In the absence of appropriate mainstream services, the Intern will assist LSG staff to
provide culturally appropriate social adjustment services directly to refugee clients. Examples of social adjustment
services include assisting clients to learn how to budget, to open bank accounts, to seek needed medical help, and to
interact with their landlords and their children’s teachers.

*Refugee Employment and Self-Sufficiency Internship (Fall/Spring/Summer Semesters) – ATLANTA

Volunteer interns work directly with the Employment Services staff to assist refugees to gain employment and self-
sufficiency through employment orientations, job development and placement. In addition, Volunteer interns work to help meet contract fundraising requirements and to provide administrative support for the state DHS Employment
contract and federal Matching Grant contract. Volunteer interns may focus their work based on personal interest and
program needs.

*These internships may require driving: Must own a safe and reliable personal multi-passenger (minimum 3
plus driver) vehicle, hold a valid Driver’s license, appropriate personal auto insurance, and have a good
driving record.

General Information: All interns are required to work a minimum of 120 hours per semester with a flexible schedule. LSG volunteer internships are unpaid volunteer opportunities, but interns may be reimbursed for work-
related mileage. Start/end dates are negotiable based on the needs of the program and the intern’s schedule. The intern will conclude the internship with a portfolio of marketable experiences in the field of refugee resettlement,
human services, program coordination, and fundraising. Interns may focus their work based on personal interest and
program needs.

To Apply: Email resume and cover letter to Janelle Moore at . No phone calls please. Please
include your available times/dates in the cover letter. Applications will be accepted at any time however application
deadlines are April 1 for summer term (internship begins in May/June); August 1 for fall term (internship begins in
August/September); December 1 for spring term (begins in January).

For More Information: Email Janelle Moore, Community Engagement Program Manager for Refugee and
Immigration Services at .

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