Millennium Gate Museum Internship, Fall 2014

The Millennium Gate Museum’s mission is to preserve and interpret Georgia history, art, culture and philanthropic heritage as well as highlight Georgia’s historical and aesthetic relevance to the United States and to the world.


From October 3, 2014 – February 1, 2015 the Millennium Gate Museum will host The Art of Diplomacy: Winston Churchill and the Pursuit of Painting. The exhibition will display more than 30 paintings by Winston Churchill, many of which have never before been publicly exhibited, and examine the notion that painting may have helped save Western civilization. Although a hobby, Winston Churchill wrote of the effect that it had on him personally and professionally. At the beginning in 1915, painting literally pulled Churchill out of his darkest political days and set him on his journey towards his finest hour. It was painting, he said, that helped him cope with the stress and strain of his political life, and allowed him to be productive as he developed his thinking about the rising danger of Hitler and Germany. In addition, Churchill found that the skills he learned from painting made his leadership more effective and he used his painter’s eye to achieve his political and diplomatic goals.

Position Details
Title: Intern

Hours: Part-time, 10-20 hours per week

Compensation: Unpaid

Responsibilities: Research, museum management, tours, some administrative responsibilities

Required skills/abilities:
• Creative and logical thinking
• Work effectively as a member of a team
• Understand and the ability to describe WWI and WWII historic events
• Marketing and public relations duties

Desired skills/abilities:
• In-depth knowledge of international affairs and specifically the WWI and WWII era
• Ability to formulate original ideas and solutions
• Basic Microsoft office skills
• Basic accounting skills
• Ability to work as a member of a team

Eligibility: Undergraduate, Graduate, Alumni

Apply: Send resume to

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