Multimedia Intern, The Wilson Center (Remote; Washington, DC)


The Wilson Center’s Kennan Institute seeks a qualified and highly motivated individual to serve as a Multimedia Intern. This individual will research, produce, shoot, and edit short videos and websites, create interactive visualizations, graphics, and audio products including podcasts on topics related to US-Russia relations, Russia, and the post-Soviet region. Creativity and flexibility are key and a strong interest in international affairs (particularly Russia and the region) is highly desirable. The ideal candidate must be proactive and work both independently and in a team setting.

Multimedia intern projects will include, but are not limited to, recording and editing scholar profiles and interviews, editing event and promotional videos, creating educational products for the general public such as timelines, maps, graphics, and interactives, and recording and editing podcasts. The intern will shoot or record all necessary footage or otherwise gather it from a variety of sources and then create a final product. They should be able to produce graphics, source and edit music, and optimize videos for a variety of social platforms.

This is a paid, 20-30 hours per week internship and a great opportunity to get exceptional experience.


● Student in your school’s journalism or media program, or recent graduate.
● Excellent writing and communication skills (able to research and script videos from interviews with Kennan Institute experts).
● Experience in photography and videography (able to shoot in a variety of conditions, including in-studio and the field, as well as handle cameras, mics, lights, and other equipment; ability to learn new equipment quickly).
● Experience working with audio, video, and graphic editing software (Adobe Premiere or Final Cut, Adobe After Effects, InDesign)
● A well-versed digital storyteller who is passionate about creating and distilling complex topics related to international affairs for the general public.
● Understands and actively engages on social media platforms, ideally with experience in representing an institution or organization—Thorough knowledge of social media platforms and active engagement on social media platforms.
● Strong cross-cultural, verbal, and written communications skills.
● Excellent organizational skills and the ability to work cooperatively and independently.
● Aesthetic sense and the ability to match a multimedia project’s form and tone to topic.
● Knowledge of online trends, in particular the latest standards and norms for video on social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.
● Desire to improvise, adapt, and experiment.
● Knowledge of Russia, Ukraine, and the Eurasia region is a plus.


To apply, send a resume and cover letter describing your availability, experience and strengths. You may send your application by email to

For more information, you may email Joseph Dresen or call (202) 691-4245.

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