NNSA Graduate Fellowship Program Info Session

Explore a Career in Nuclear Security

Are you ready to make the world a safer place?

The National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) Graduate Fellowship Program (NGFP) is seeking highly motivated graduate-level students to grow as the next generation of nuclear security leaders.

Our year-long, salaried fellowships offer:

  • Hands-on experience in nuclear security and nonproliferation
  • Career development, professional networking, and specialized training events
  • Extensive interaction and collaboration with leading national security technology and policy experts.

NGFP is administered by Pacific Northwest National Laboratory and sponsored by the NNSA, a semi-autonomous agency within the U.S. Department of Energy, to provide students with training and practical experience that contribute to a safer world.

NGFP places highly qualified graduate students into year-long assignments across the NNSA nuclear security mission space, including:

  • Nonproliferation. Fellows work closely with international partners, key U.S. federal agencies, U.S. national laboratories, and the private sector to detect, secure, and dispose of dangerous nuclear and radiological material, and related weapons of mass destruction technology and expertise.
  • Stockpile Stewardship. Fellows work to ensure the Nation sustains a safe, secure, and effective nuclear deterrent through the application of science, technology, engineering, and manufacturing. The central mission includes maintaining the active stockpile, life extension programs, and weapons dismantlement.
  • Infrastructure and Oversight. Fellows contribute to the secure production and laboratory infrastructure that meet immediate and long-term needs. This work includes the people, systems, and processes necessary to succeed in the acquisition of mission capabilities, products, and services.

Each fellow is assigned to a specific NNSA program or site office. During their year-long assignments, fellows participate in professional development, training, and networking opportunities with leaders from across the nuclear security enterprise. Actual events and activities vary by year.

NGFP Fellows receive competitive salaries, benefits, and other incentives including:

  • Annual salary: $52,000 ($62,000 for post-doctoral Fellows)
  • Hiring incentive: $4,000 (taxed)
  • Medical benefits
  • Vacation and holidays
  • Tuition reimbursement (criteria apply).
  • Training, professional development, and networking opportunities
  • $10,000 travel/training allotment

Each Fellow’s experience is truly unique. Depending on the appointment and the Fellow’s background, he or she will be responsible for a number of activities, ranging from strategy development to project implementation. Some specific responsibilities that Fellows have been tasked with in the past include:

  • Briefing NNSA and other government officials on program activities and progress
  • Conducting technical analyses on internal nuclear security
  • Contributing technical and policy expertise on nuclear defense for status reports to Congress
  • Contributing technical and policy expertise for NNSA programs and projects in the U.S. and partner countries
  • Aiding the development of strategies for treaty negotiations and other international agreements
  • Participating in career development opportunities such as training workshops, seminars with high-level officials, and roundtables with professionals across the nuclear security enterprise
  • Defining review criteria and conducting analysis of processes and operations at NNSA sites and labs
  • Representing NNSA on national consensus standards committees or other working groups
  • Developing training materials

To learn more about this opportunity, attend the NNSA Graduate Fellowship Program Info Session on September 6th from 11-12 in Habersham 136.

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