NSA Summer Language Program, 2020

The National Security Agency 2020 Summer Language Program is hiring college students with proficiency in Arabic, Chinese, Farsi, Korean, Russian, Turkish, and African languages such as Swahili and Somali. Other languages will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Undergraduate and graduate students will learn to analyze foreign communications for vital intelligence missions by apprenticing with experienced language analysts. Geopolitical, cultural, and technical knowledge may be used to understand both overtly stated meaning and subtly implied intent as you scan, translate, and transcribe foreign communications, then report critical information to U.S. government customers.

The Summer Language Program is a 12-week internship intended for high-potential full-time college upperclassmen and graduate students. Foreign language proficiency combined with a wide array of majors and minors will be considered for this program, which can be a one-summer or two-summer internship. The program may begin after your sophomore year, and if mutually agreeable, continue the summer after your junior year. Likewise, the program may begin the summer after your junior year and continue the summer between your senior year and your first year of graduate school. The program may also take place in the summers between years of graduate study. Participation during a second summer is encouraged but not required. At the end of your internship, an offer may be extended for you to join NSA in a full-time position after graduation.

The Summer Language Program Includes:

– A language mentor assigned from NSA’s language analysis team.
– Hands-on operational experience.
– Relevant job-specific briefings.
– Job-specific training and customized language training.

Find out more about qualifications, pay, benefits, and how to apply at: https://apply.intelligencecareers.gov/job-description/1129083. US Citizenship required.

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