NTI Internships – Spring 2020

NTI is pleased to offer paid internships in our Washington, D.C. office. NTI also welcomes applicants from University-sponsored internship programs. The number of positions and areas of responsibility vary by semester, but each offers exciting opportunities to work on projects that make lasting contributions to reducing threats of weapons of mass destruction and disruption (WMDD), with an emphasis on nuclear, radiological, and biological risks, as well as related risks associated with advances in technology. Thank you in advance for your interest in supporting this important work.

NTI internships are especially well suited to undergraduate or graduate students with an interest in the intersection of global affairs, public policy, science, engineering, and national security. While an intern’s primary focus will be on NTI activities and projects, we encourage our interns to attend relevant congressional hearings, briefings at think tanks, or other career enhancing opportunities, and to develop their professional network throughout his/her internship. NTI will offer each intern an opportunity to build a relationship with a mentor in addition to a day-to-day manager to help ensure that the intern receives regular guidance and feedback. NTI also hosts regular, internal “brown bag” sessions and seminars open to the public; interns are encouraged to participate.

NTI interns play critical roles on our teams, working to advance our mission objectives while learning more about the WMDD community in the process. Responsibilities can include research and analytic support, event logistics support, and administrative tasks necessary for accomplishing team objectives.

NTI welcomes applications from those interested in and with expertise relevant to our core programs. Find out more information about these programs and how to apply at: https://www.nti.org/about/employment/opportunity/spring-internships/.

NTI| bio: Biosecurity


Global Nuclear Policy Program (GNPP)

International Nuclear Fuel Cycle Strategies (FC)

Materials Risk Management (MRM)

Science and Technical Affairs (STA)

Please follow the link and submit an application by November 12, 2019 for full consideration for our spring program to begin in January 2020.

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