Paid Political Campaign Fellowship Summer 2018

Entry-level positions in politics are often low- or non-paying and otherwise hard to access. This means it can be near-impossible to afford the jobs which lead to more lucrative careers in political campaigning, and this financial barrier prohibits a huge portion of students from participating in electoral politics.

Students for a New American Politics offers the fix: we provide fellowships for students to work on progressive congressional campaigns. SNAP recruits and chooses outstanding people from across the country to work as Field Organizers on competitive races during the summer, and then gives them the necessary training and stipend to succeed in the field.

Our two-pronged approach allows us to maximize our resources. Our endorsement helps progressives win seats in Congress today and vote for policy to move America in the right direction, and our fellows gain the necessary experience to go on and become the progressive leaders of tomorrow — fundamentally changing the face of American politics.

The SNAP Fellowship

  • Our fellows are not interns. They serve as Field Organizers — primarily leading volunteers — and lead many of the grassroots activities and organizing on the campaign
  • In this meaningful role, many of our fellows learn a lot of tangible political skills to apply to other campaigns and positions

o    Often, our fellows continue working with the campaign past our fellowship term and through the election in November. They prove themselves as outstanding contributors and will frequently receive promotions to other roles on the campaign

  • No matter where our fellows end up going, their experience with SNAP will lead to many more opportunities throughout their careers

Learn about SNAP.

Apply to be a SNAP Fellow by March 5th!

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