PoweR Program – Apply by 10/23

IAC and Nunn School Students are invited to submit an application for The PoweR Program at Clark Atlanta University. This two-weekend program combines real-world work experience, training and development and networking opportunities in the field of public relations. In what amounts to a PR bootcamp, this program will strengthen your skills and help you position yourself in your career search. Deadline to apply for non-CAU students is Friday, October 23, 2015.

Application instructions are  posted below.

PoweR Application Announcement2 (2)

The following materials must be included in your application:
• Resume
• Responses to essay questions
• Video Response
• Unofficial school transcript

Applications must respond to 2 of the essay questions below (#1 and #2 are mandatory). Each essay should be 200-300 words.
Applications must answer #1 and #2
1. Why do you want to be a part of PoweR?
2. What is your personal passion? Describe what you spend hours doing even though it is not your job and why you love it.
3. Apple just launched a brand new device, revolutionizing the way we communicate. Discuss – from a PR perspective – how you would announce this new device? What is your strategy and execution?
4. Describe something that has a major impact in your life, no matter how big or small it might be.
5. Identify a trend that you feel will change the future of public relations and why?
6. What social media platform do you utilize the most and why?

Create a 2-3 minute video about what makes you unique and why you are a good fit for PoweR. The video must include a 15-30 second introduction with you on camera. The rest of the video can be in any medium, including (but not limited to) monologue, stop-motion, picture collage, music video or animation. Video interviews can be uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo and include a link with application. Video submissions are mandatory for completion.

Be sure to complete all steps to submit your application. If the steps aren’t completed your application will not be processed.


Please send the following materials to: CAUpowerprogram@gmail.com
• A one-page résumé
• Response to essay questions
• Video Component
• An unofficial transcript




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