Quality Improvement Officer, Ministry of Health Malawi – Lilongwe, Malawi

Role Overview:
The Quality Improvement (QI) Officer will play an important role in the implementation of the National Quality Management Policy and Strategic Plan. The QI Officer will collaborate with the Quality Management Team to coordinate with Ministry directorates and programs to develop and implement program specific Quality Improvement Roadmaps to enhance the quality of health services across the country. The QI Officer will be based at the Quality Management Directorate in Capital Hill, Lilongwe. Apart from supporting government officers, the QI Officer will also interact with technical representatives from the international donor community and other key development partners. The QI Officer will report to the Director of the Quality Management Directorate.

– Facilitate and coordinate partners and QMD staff to create and implement roadmaps, projects, and programs to implement the QM Strategy
– Develop, implement, and evaluate quality management roadmaps for Ministry of Health programs such as TB, immunization, oral health, and/or clinical services
– Establish and maintain relationships with quality management desk officers in each Ministry of Health directorate to implement quality improvement initiatives
– Manage high-level coordination and relationships with stakeholders including funding institutions and implementing partners on QI projects
– Contribute to the development of national policies, strategies, and standards in which QMD is a stakeholder
– Produce professional technical, analytical, and policy materials
– Obtain, evaluate, and interpret factual data in order to prepare clear and precise reports on quality management
– Any other duties as determined by the Director of Quality Management Directorate

Skills and Experience (Items indicated with an asterisk (*) are required):

– Bachelor’s degree*
– Preferred: Bachelor’s or master’s degree in public health, international development, social science, or related field
– Experience with program management, such as leading or supporting on initial design, implementation, key indicator monitoring, and impact evaluation*
– Good writing skills with experience producing memoranda, correspondence, reports, policies, and/or instructional materials*
– Strong project management skills, as evidenced by exceptional results in an academic or professional setting, especially managing others to achieve shared goals*
– Strong computer skills including Word, Excel, Power Point or other database and word processing software*
– Experience working in a public health or health care delivery environment
– Academic training in or professional experience with Quality Improvement approaches like Plan-Do-Study-Act cycles, fishbone diagrams, and Gantt charts
– Experience with partnership/relationship management, such as acting as the main point of contact for donors, clients/beneficiaries, or other key stakeholders
– Self-starter and takes independent initiative
– Strategic thinker; analytical and very creative
– Ability to build and nurture relationships in settings of political and cultural complexity
– Ability to communicate effectively and diplomatically with high ranking officials
– Ability to work flexibly, including handling an erratic schedule and/or location changes
– Ability to multi-task and manage multiple priorities
– Interest in learning about the different branches in the Malawi Government, particularly the MOH


For more information and to apply, visit https://ghcorps.org/quality-improvement-officer-m08-int/

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