Right to Health Program Intern, Partners in Health (Chiapas, Mexico)


The Right to Health Care Program Volunteer will work directly with the RHCP team to support patients requiring secondary and tertiary level care. The RHCP program focuses on helping patients overcome existing barriers in the Mexican public health care system to attain high-level clinical care. The volunteer will assist with monitoring, evaluation, and quality improvement, logistics, research, and patient support. S/he will work primarily in an office setting with the opportunity to accompany patients to specialist appointments in nearby cities while also traveling to communities to conduct patient interviews. The volunteer will have the opportunity to assist the RHCP team in developing and implementing projects to improve the quality of care services. This position requires a commitment to a handful of daily tasks, but also allows a large amount of time to dedicate to individually motivated projects. This position is ideal for a candidate with an interest in operational management of global health programs and public health care systems capacity building.

Specific Responsibilities

  • Support and improve RHCP monitoring and evaluation efforts.
  • Develop instruments to measure the quality of care and assist with the development of quality improvement projects.
  • Support logistics of RHCP regarding appointments, surgeries, financial support to patients, and problem resolution within the healthcare system.
  • Conduct exit interviews and satisfaction surveys with patients.
  • Organize and maintain database of all registered patients in RHCP.
  • Analyze data in RHCP database for various projects.
  • Support CES physicians in accessing RHCP referral resources.


  • Strong interpersonal skills.
  • Preferred previous qualitative and quantitative research experience.
  • Ability to problem-solve as part of a team and with limited resources.
  • Proactive and collaborative work style.
  • Spanish fluency or high proficiency.
  • Well-developed organizational skills.
  • Fluency with Excel; interest in learning and mastering new data systems and techniques.
  • Experience in a low-resource or rural setting strongly preferred.
  • Strong work-ethic and self-motivated to identify and initiate new quality improvement projects.


Please include a resume or CV AND cover letter in order to be considered. In your cover letter, please detail your previous relevant experience as well as details about your Spanish language proficiency.

For more information and to apply, click here.

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