Sam Nunn School Professional Development Speaker Series

I would like to make you aware of our Sam Nunn School Professional Development Speaker Series.  We will post videos under the “Career Resources” tab on our T-Square page as well podcasts of the series.  Our first speaker was Robert Knotts.  Mr. Knotts is the Director of Federal Relations for the Georgia Institute of Technology based in Washington, DC.  He provided us with some great information about how to obtain a position in the competitive DC job market.

If you are remotely interested in working in the DC area it would behoove you to listen to what Mr. Knotts has to say by going to one of the links below:

To view on your PC: Resources/Career Development Speaker Series/Robert Knotts Edited Draft 2.m4v

To download the Podcast:

Tony Gallego
Program Coordinator I
Sam Nunn School of International Affairs
781 Marietta St
Atlanta, GA 30332-0610

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