The Fund for American Studies – Hong Kong and Prague Summer Programs

About Us

TFAS has organized international academic programs for more than 20 years, and our objective is to provide a rigorous academic experience, foster dialogues that cross borders, and create a global network of responsible future leaders. The combination of educational, cultural, and social exchange in each of our programs allows participants to explore challenging ideas, form life-long friendships, and form cross-border networks that will greatly benefit their educational and professional development.


Our Programs

In Hong Kong, the Asia Institute for Political Economy (AIPE) offers a unique opportunity for students from across Asia and the United States to explore fundamental issues related to political economy and government and to delve into political and economic issues facing their countries. As the financial center of Asia and the location of an ongoing pro-democracy movement, Hong Kong is the perfect setting to bring together students to discuss these topics. AIPE will take place from July 6-27, 2019, and upon successful completion of the program students will earn 3 academic credits from George Mason University. The Program Director is Brenda Hafera, who can be reached at

In Prague, the American Institute on Political and Economic Systems (AIPES) gives students from Europe, the Middle East, Central Asia, and the US the opportunity to study political economy, political philosophy, and conflict management. The wide range of nationalities, religions, and ethnicities represented at AIPES gives participants the chance to interact, learn, and share their experiences in ways that can benefit their educational and professional development. The program will take place from July 13-August 3, 2019 and upon successful completion of the program students will gain academic credit from Charles University. The Prague program director is Matthew Kwasiborski, who can be reached at with any questions.

Application Deadlines

Asia Institute for Political Economy
Final Deadline: February 1


American Institute on Political and Economic Systems

Early Deadline: January 31

Final Deadline for Applicants Needing a Czech Visa: March 15, Final Deadline: April 1

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